HUD Home Disclaimers:

  • HUD homes are sold as-is, where is, without repair or remediation.
  • HUD homes may or may not be eligible for a FHA loan.
  • The only absolute source for HUD property availability, specific bidder eligibility, bid deadlines and all other terms and conditions is
  • Rules, links to HUD’s website, and additional information can be found on each asset manager’s website:
  • Real estate brokers, not agents, must be registered with HUD in order to show, sell, and receive a commission on any HUD property. Brokers are prohibited from sharing their HUD Homestore accounts with their agents.  Rather, individual agents are to use their broker’s NAID number to establish their own account on the HUD Homestore website.  Brokers must re-certify their NAID number every year.  Every agent, including brokers, must keep their license expiration updated in HUD’s system or it will not allow you to place a bid until you do.  If you forget your user ID or password, you must call the HUD Help Desk at 866-777-2034 (7am CST – 7pm CST), Mon-Fri, for help.
  • HUD offers a minimum commission on properties they have deemed “hard to sell”. All other homes are offered with a 3% commission that you may decrease when placing your bid.  Please visit the HUD Homestore website to confirm the commission HUD is offering on each property.  Please note that HUD will not pay a selling agent commission on a property when the agent is also an owner of the company purchasing the property.  In these cases, the selling agent should put “$0” in their commission section online and on the actual HUD-9548 sales contract.
  • It is the buyer’s agent’s responsibility to carefully examine the HUD property with their client and be knowledgeable about HUD’s rules and regulations so that they can give their client accurate advice about placing a bid on any HUD-owned property.
  • All HUD properties are vacant and on an electronic or combination lockbox. HUD does not require that HUD-registered brokers be REALTORS® or MLS members to show a HUD property.
  • EVERY BID IS SEALED, even from the listing brokers. Therefore, the listing broker CANNOT provide you with the following:
  1. Assurance property is still available for bidding
  2. Number of bids
  3. Bid amounts
  4. Status of your bid
  5. Status of counter offers
  • The buyer’s agent must review the Property Condition Report (PCR), contained within the HUD Homestore website under the “addendums” tab, to see if the PCR notes any deficiencies, such as “Plumbing failed to hold pressure at time of initial inspection”. If deficiencies are noted, HUD’s Field Service Manager (FSM) will not permit the connection of the utility service for the purpose of inspections. In these cases, your home inspector may be able to air test and/or generator test the mechanical systems. It is your responsibility to ensure that this option is acceptable to your buyer and/or lender.
  • HUD does not authorize nor make repairs, improvements, or remediation to any HUD property in order to comply with loan conditions. Buyers may not place any improvement, remediation, or personal items in the home before closing.  Trespassers will be prosecuted!
  • HUD will not adjust the sales price due to insufficient appraisal value, condition, damage, or inspections.
  • HUD home buyers must select the title company or real estate attorney of their choice. The closing agent must be registered with HUD to perform the closing.  It is the buyer’s agent’s responsibility to register non-approved closing agents and ensure they meet HUD’s insurance and license rules and regulations.
  • HUD home buyers are responsible for all closing costs (seller’s and buyer’s excluding the commissions)*, the cost of rekeying the home after closing (they may not have the HUD key), and all inspection costs (excluding WDO & LBP report/treatment for FHA buyers only**). (*Buyers may request up to 3% of the sales price for closing costs from HUD when placing their bid. HUD will apply this toward ALL closing costs, seller’s and buyer’s, at closing. Any unused portion will be credited back to HUD, not the buyer.  **LBP remediation costs are only covered up to $4,000.  If they exceed this amount, the entire cost of remediation will fall on the buyer.)
  • HUD will not make any contributions/concessions toward any closing costs (seller’s and buyer’s) on investor transactions.


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  1. Click on this link to access the Online SF Handbook
  2. Click on “Online SF Handbook” (the top selection in the right side column).
  3. Click on “Okay” when a blue box pops up that says, “You are currently leaving the website, and headed towards: http://nfs/c07/h02/mnt/173009/domains/ Are you sure you want to proceed?”
  4. A white box will open called the FHA Single Family Housing Policy Library.
  5. Click on “Advanced Search” and type in “REO”.
  6. Results will include the FHA Handbook policies, mortgagee letters, housing notices, and other documents that are applicable to HUD Homes.
  7. For best results, click on the “FHA Handbook” where you can then narrow your search even further by selecting “HUD” or “real estate owned”.

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